Zombie mode

zombie mode

#E3DT", Executive Producer Changhan Kim has announced that there will be an official release of a Zombie mode in PUBG at some stage in. Zombie Mode in Player Unknown's Battlegrounds. 5 Survivors vs 95 Zombies. Who will win? Leave a like and. Unleash the horde! Gus Sorola lent Achievement Hunter his private PUBG server to test out the new Zombie.


HORDE ON THE BRIDGE! - BATTLEGROUNDS ZOMBIES MODE (PUBG) w/ Muselk zombie mode Personally, I doubt I'll ever touch it, but I appreciate that a lot of others. Möchtest du diese Seite als Startseite festlegen? Not AI zombies, mind you, but player-controlled ones. Is this a wave based thing? Filmkritik zum Drama 0.



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