Online slot addiction

online slot addiction

i started playing online bingo around 2 years ago, at first it was just for i started playing slots!! i have hidden this addiction for around a year. Slot machine addict - that's me. I've joined so many online sites I've lost count. Started through boredom @8 years ago but life is in ruins now. Instead I'm seated at my dining-room table playing a free slot machine Vegas trips, and for a while I thought I had kicked my gambling addiction. . I was reading an article about someone being an online tarot card reader.

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She woke up in a hospital. One time I even put several hundred dollars in a plastic soda bottle thinking that would remind me to take that money home with me. As a consequence, you feel more obligated to respond. I find myself talking to the slot machine, telling it come on, come on, bonus, bonus, bonus, just one time! Even though I have so much to do, I feel that gambling fever. In the end years I was a big binge gambler. It is no different than any other addiction and RARE is there a gambler that has not become addicted to this high.


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